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Dashboard Mount Phones: The Ultimate Guideline

Dashboard mount phones are a legal and convenient way to keep your phone within view while driving. There are plenty of options available, including the Scosche MagicGrip with wireless charging and auto-sensing arms.

Choose between a dashboard mount, car vent, or cup holder for your phone – various options to suit your needs. It is important to follow the laws and ensure that the phone mount does not obstruct your view of the road.

A good car phone mount ensures hands-free calls, navigation, and safe music streaming on the road.

The Benefits Of Using Dashboard Mount Phones

Dashboard mount phones offer numerous benefits for car owners. Use a phone mount for safe driving, hands-free calls, and easy navigation and music streaming. With a variety of options available, you can easily find the perfect dashboard mount phone to suit your needs.

The Benefits of Using Dashboard Mount Phones
Increasing road safety
Dashboard mount phones have become popular due to the numerous benefits they offer in terms of road safety. Securely attach your phone to the dashboard for easy access without distracting from the road.

Ensuring easy access and visibility
A dashboard mount provides a convenient and visible location for your phone, allowing you to easily use navigation apps, make hands-free calls, or control your music without needing to fumble around or look away from the road.

Avoiding potential distractions
Placing your phone on a dashboard mount helps minimize distractions while driving. It keeps your phone within your line of sight and reduces the temptation to pick up or handle your phone while driving.

Enhancing hands-free communication
With a dashboard mount phone, you can have safer and more convenient hands-free communication. This is especially beneficial for making calls or using voice-activated features without having to hold your phone.

Dashboard mount phones are a must for safer driving, providing easy access, reducing distractions, and enabling hands-free communication.
Dashboard Mount Phones: The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Convenient Phone Mounts

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Types Of Dashboard Mount Phone Holders

Upgrade your drive with a range of dashboard phone holders. Choose from options like the Scosche MagicGrip, exact-fit dashboard mounts, and magnetic phone mounts for strong phone hold. Stay legal and hands-free while enjoying hands-free calls, navigation, and music streaming on the go.

Types of Dashboard Mount Phone Holders
Suction Cup Mounts – Suction cup mounts are popular for their versatility and ease of installation. They use a suction cup to securely attach to the dashboard or windshield of your car. Easily adjust and rotate these mounts for the best viewing angles.
Magnetic Mounts – Magnetic mounts use strong magnets to hold your phone securely in place. They often come with a metal plate that you can attach to the back of your phone or phone case. This allows your phone to easily attach and detach from the mount with a simple magnetic connection.
Adhesive Mounts – Adhesive mounts use adhesive pads or stickers to attach to the dashboard or windshield of your car. These mounts provide a more permanent solution and are ideal for those who prefer a fixed mounting location for their phone.
Clip-on Mounts – Clip-on mounts attach to the air vents in your car and securely hold your phone in place. They are compact and easy to install, making them a popular choice for those who frequently switch between vehicles.

How To Choose The Right Dashboard Mount Phone Holder

We offer various options to keep your phone safely in view wherever you want to mount it while driving. Having a car phone mount can be super convenient, but choosing the right one might be tough. Here are some factors to consider:

Compatibility with different phone sizes Strong grip and stability Adjustable viewing angles Ease of installation and removal
Check the mount’s compatibility with your phone model and size. Look for a mount with a strong grip to securely hold your phone in place. Consider a mount with adjustable viewing angles for optimal visibility. Choose a mount that is easy to install and remove, especially if you frequently switch cars.

Remember to check local laws and regulations before mounting your phone to your dashboard. As long as you park safely and there are no obstructions to your view, it is usually legal to mount your phone or GPS device on your dashboard.

Installing A Dashboard Mount Phone Holder In Your Vehicle

Installing a dashboard mount phone holder in your vehicle provides a safe and convenient way to keep your phone within view while driving. With various options available, you can choose the best phone mount that suits your needs.

Install a dashboard phone holder in your vehicle

The first step in installing a dashboard mount phone holder in your vehicle is to locate the ideal mounting position. Look for a spot that gives you easy access to your phone without obstructing your view of the road. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, clean the dashboard surface thoroughly to ensure proper adhesion. Remove any dust, dirt, or residue that may prevent the mount from sticking securely.

Next, secure the mount in place. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, making sure to attach the mount firmly to the dashboard. Use any provided adhesive or screws as necessary to ensure a stable and secure connection.

Finally, adjust and test the phone holder. Position the mount at a comfortable viewing angle and ensure it securely holds your phone. Test the holder by placing your phone in it and driving around to ensure it stays in place.

Tips For Properly Mounting And Positioning Your Phone

Looking for tips on properly mounting and positioning your phone on the dashboard? Explore our car phone mounts for hands-free calls, navigation, and more. Keep your phone safely in view while driving with options like the Scosche MagicGrip and exact-fit dashboard mounts.

Find the best way to mount your phone in the car without any legal issues.

  1. Positioning for optimal visibility and accessibility:
    • Position the phone mount within your line of sight, ideally at eye level.
    • Ensure that the phone screen is not obstructed by any reflection or glare from the dashboard or windshield.
  2. Avoiding obstructive views and glare:
    • Choose a mount that does not block your view of the road or important vehicle controls.
    • Opt for an adjustable mount to minimize glare by changing angles.
  3. Ensuring secure attachment during bumpy rides:
    • Opt for a sturdy and reliable phone mount that can withstand vibrations and bumps.
    • Double-check that the mount is properly attached and locked in place before driving.
  4. Regularly checking and readjusting the phone position:
    • Periodically inspect the phone mount and ensure that it is still securely attached.
    • If necessary, readjust the position of your phone to maintain optimal visibility.

Ensuring Safety And Legal Compliance

Keep your phone safely in view while driving with our wide range of dashboard mount options. From the versatile Scosche MagicGrip with wireless charging to exact-fit mounts for various mobile devices, we have you covered. Enjoy hands-free calls, navigation, music streaming, and more with these convenient and legally compliant car phone mounts.

Adhering To Local Laws And Regulations

It is important to adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the use of phone mounts in cars. While the specific laws may vary depending on your location, there are general guidelines to follow to ensure safety and legal compliance:

1. Use voice commands and hands-free features Use voice commands and hands-free features to reduce distractions while driving. This allows you to keep your focus on the road and reduces the need for manual phone interactions.
2. Minimizing phone interactions while driving Avoiding unnecessary phone interactions, such as texting or browsing the internet, while driving is crucial for safety. Mounting your phone on the dashboard allows you to keep it within view without physically holding it.
3. Staying focused on the road at all times Regardless of the type of phone mount you choose, it is essential to remember that your main priority should always be the road. Avoid getting distracted by your phone and maintain your full attention on driving.

Maintaining And Taking Care Of Dashboard Mount Phone Holders

Keep your dashboard-mount phone holders in top shape with these maintenance tips. Clean regularly to remove dust and debris, adjust the holder’s position for optimal viewing, and ensure a secure grip on your phone for safe driving.

Maintaining and taking care of dashboard mount phone holders is essential to ensure their long-lasting durability and functionality. Cleaning and dusting the mount regularly helps to remove any accumulation of dirt or debris that can hinder the grip of the holder. Inspecting the mount for any damage or wear is important to identify any issues that may affect its effectiveness or pose a risk to the phone. If any worn-out mounts are detected, they should be replaced or repaired promptly to maintain a secure hold on the phone. Upgrading to newer and more advanced models can also provide additional features and improvements for a better user experience. Proper care and maintenance of dashboard mount phone holders will ensure that your phone stays securely in place while driving, allowing for hands-free calls, navigation, and music streaming without any distractions or safety concerns.

Best Practices For Dashboard Mount Phone Usage

Discover the best practices for using dashboard mount phones while driving to ensure safety and convenience. Choose from a wide range of options to securely mount your phone and keep it within your view. Stay hands-free for calls, navigation, music streaming, and more with these phone mounts designed for your car.

Using Phone Holder Accessories For Additional Functionality

  • Avoid excessive phone usage while driving
  • Sync with in-car Bluetooth systems
  • Periodically update phone holder features and capabilities

When it comes to dashboard mount phones, it is important to follow some best practices to ensure safe usage. Using phone holder accessories can provide additional functionality. It is crucial to avoid excessive phone usage while driving to minimize distractions and maintain focus on the road. Sync your phone with in-car Bluetooth for easy hands-free calls and music streaming. It is also advised to periodically update your phone holder to take advantage of new features and capabilities. By following these best practices, you can ensure a safer and more convenient experience with your dashboard mount phone.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Dashboard Mount Phones

Is It OK to Mount the Phone To the Dashboard?

Yes, it’s legal to attach a phone to your car’s dashboard. There are no federal laws that prohibit affixing a phone to your car in this way. 

What Is The Best Way To Mount A Phone In a Car?

The best way to mount a phone in a car is by using a dashboard mount or a vent mount. These mounts are legal and provide a safe and convenient hands-free solution for using your phone while driving. You can find a variety of options on websites like Amazon or Best Buy.

Is Installing a GPS Unit on a Dashboard Legal?

Yes, it is legal to mount GPS on the dashboard of your vehicle as long as it does not obstruct your view of the road and other drivers. Ensure that you are parked safely before operating your phone or GPS to avoid any legal issues.

Can I Legally Mount My Phone To The Dashboard Of My Car?

Yes, it is legal to mount your phone to your vehicle’s dashboard. There are no federal laws prohibiting this method of phone placement.


Finding the right car phone mount can be a challenge, but it’s essential for a safe and convenient driving experience. Choose between dashboard and vent mounts with plenty of available options. These mounts not only keep your phone securely in view while driving but also offer features like wireless charging and easy access to navigation.

Plus, they are legal and compliant with federal laws. So, make the smart choice and invest in a car phone mount for a hands-free and hassle-free journey.

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